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Our Ministry Team

What started with just our family (tiptoeing into foreign missions in Thailand under Jesus for Asia) quickly turned into God sending us our first two Thai children and the whole thing grew into something way beyond us. God has brought people to fill roles we sometimes didn't even know needed filled. 

The Children of B̂ān Tā Yîm

They've come by ones and twos and sometimes by threes, but they've all come to change us forever. We wouldn't want it any other way. 

November 2022

Ignore the fact that the children appear as though they were held hostage for this photo :)


Previous Volunteers

Each has come and left their mark; they haven't been forgotten!

Pictured are those who've given permission for their photos to be on the site. 



February-October 2022



December 2022-May 2023



& Bethany

July-October 2022



June-August 2023



August-December 2022

June-August 2023



It is our mission to live surrendered to the Gospel Commission whereby we might do the greater possible good for mankind with the least (temporal) expectation in return. It is our purpose to learn the true meaning behind Jesus' words, "And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. John 17:9

We have very humble beginnings...


Our family arrived in Thailand (from America) in August 2019 and by October we'd been asked to care for the first two children that God brought to us. Knowing just slightly more than zero Thai made it quite the challenge, to be sure. It was a time that tested those little people probably even more so than it did us. 

But that's where it started. No hesitation, no training, no clue. And yet, God "did a new thing" in all our hearts and we learned so much during those first days. 

Within 8 months, we expanded by three more children. And two months later we maxed out our legal capacity with one more. If the calling had ever been in dispute, it certainly wasn't any longer. The time to 'enlarge the place of thy tents' had truly come. 

It surprised nobody to quickly find that God was already several steps ahead of us. 

In December of 2020, with the help of our partnering ministry, Jesus for AsiaHe provided us a 24 rai (approx. 9 1/2 acre) property that we're in the process of developing. God has given us a desire to be able to open our doors to more children and He's been providing the means to do it. Our licensing is in-process and yet already our hands and our hearts are full and overflowing! We now have 25 amazing and beautiful Thai children who live with us here. 

It's our hope and prayer that we can show as many children as God allows the love of the One who made them! We want them to be able to look back over their lives and see that while they once were lost, He'd been pursuing them the whole time. 

A little bit about Jesus for Asia


We first met Jon and Natalie Wood, founders of JFA, in September of 2018. They came to our church to share of the need across Asia. They shared statistics that should have left us heartbroken for the lost, but I (Kasey) found myself numb to any response and it scared me. It was that which God used to whisper His call to our hearts and JFA was there with support and encouragement from the very outset. The approach they take is to allow the would-be missionaries to seek God for direction rather than assigning people a job or assignment. Even the location is entirely up to the person(s) and God. We were simply encouraged to go where God was leading and pursue Him, because where He's being pursued, His Spirit can do a work human hands never could. And so began our journey. 

Jesus for Asia is a faith-based ministry with roots dating back to at least 2004 (you can read some of their story HERE) and they have grown exponentially due to that dependence on God alone. They not only provide the umbrella for our visas within the country to which God leads each family, but they provide spiritual and practical support, as well as collect donations through their office and website. They have a passion to see souls won for the Kingdom and the whole team works tirelessly to support and grow the work as God opens doors. You couldn't possibly find a group of people more dedicated to the gospel message reaching into the depths of the unreached world. 

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