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Each Monday you will find a new article focused on personal, family, and community discipleship. Together we will take our experience with Christ to the world around us.

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A September Tuesday

Posted 09/07/21
From chaos to quiet


Posted 07/19/21
My return to Thailand after 6 weeks in America

On Holy Ground

Posted 06/25/21
Thoughts from the tiny porch of my Thai mandatory quarantine hotel

A Motorbike Incident

Posted 04/19/21
A ride gone suddenly wrong.

A Virus

Posted 04/12/21
It's been a 4 month battle against illness. This time I heard God asking me to be brave.

A Day of Rest

Posted 04/05/21
A day of church and fighting the heat.

Rainfall of Tears

Posted 02/08/21
The overwhelming reality of standing in the presence of God

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