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BLOG: A War Against Man

The sexual revolution. That seems an appropriate term for the war now being waged.

And it’s a battle proving more catastrophic than any in the history of this world. Because it’s undermining everything. It’s rewriting life as we knew it while taking out victims insidiously, yet right out in the open.

In this new era of warfare, Satan seems to have saved his very best for last. He’s pulled the internet out of his back pocket and opened before us the unimaginable. The unthinkable. The undesirable.

And because we’ve “drunk the koolaid” with blind eagerness, we’ve now been thrust into the fight of our lives.

The hidden agenda, which used to crouch low in dark corners, is no longer hidden at all.

Children, mere babies, have undergone sex change operations because their parents claim they were born with the wrong gender assignment.

The very young, both boys and girls, are being preyed upon because lustful men the world over believe their desires trump the most basic of human rights.

Women are rejecting motherhood, with horrifyingly, mind-numbing results, even as they play the games that make them one because doctors are more than happy to take one life in order to protect another from the need for change.

Boys are growing into women while girls are becoming men and it’s hardly even astonishing anymore.

Confusion reigns and chaos ensues as the tenderest generation gets caught in the bloody crossfire. Where does it end? How do we help?

Is it possible to love the confused without adding to the confusion? Is it possible to call sin by its name without alienating the sinner? Is it possible to restore order to a world turned on its ear?

I don’t know much anymore but I do know this: God is sovereign and this is a war on that sovereignty.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”Ephesians 6:12

This attack on our society, on the very threads constructing our culture, is first and foremost an attack on God. On His character and His design.

God created me female. He gave me brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. I’m shorter than I’d like to be and most of the time not as slim as I’d choose. I can swing a bat like a guy and I used to be able to run and beat the boys. But I was designed with the capacity to bear children, plain and simple.

Blame it on evolution, or the Big Bang, or whatever you want to blame it on. It matters little because the end result is the same. We still only come in two varieties: male and female, each uniquely wired for life as what we are.

To assert the wires got crossed is as bizarre as saying that Great Pyrenees in my backyard is really a mouse trapped in the body of a dog.

If I spent the days and years of my life determined I should be taller rather than shorter, or red rather than white, I’d waste the opportunity I have not only for contentment but for true fulfillment as the person I was designed to be.

This idea that we should refute our physiology is the worst kind of cruelty. It strips a person of both dignity and purpose. Our children need to see us stand solid and unwavering as the churning waters around them continue to rise.

It isn’t unloving to tell someone the truth. If the neighbor boy is playing in the middle of a busy street, go over and help him understand the danger involved. Don’t get in his face and scream how stupid he is and don’t take his picture to plaster on social media to make a mockery of him.

Go over in love and tell him the truth.

“Playing in traffic is both unnecessary and unwise. You can do it if you choose, but it isn’t going to end well for you and I’d really like to help you see a better way.”

I believe we have to embrace the same concept here. Only don’t speak unless you actually care about the person. Because there are WAY TOO MANY self-righteous people with Bibles searching for proof-texts to make their next point. The world doesn’t need those kind of Christians adding their noise to the mix.

The world needs the light of Jesus and His light shines best and brightest wherever truth and love converge.

Anything else will only add to the darkness.



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