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MISSION UPDATE: A slow, tired start

I have two truths to share with you and I'm open to advice.

The first is that I'm struggling with feeling rough. I'm not sick, exactly, just achy and run down and my brain feels foggy. For a number of years I've had these spells where everything in my body is painful which makes moving hurt-y. Sometimes it's hard to push through it. This dates back to before Thailand so I know it's not just the busy-ness of being here.

But this past year has gotten harder and harder to function normally.

In America, before moving, I went to doctors looking for answers multiple times and nobody came up with anything. I don't know if it's something like fibromyalgia or Lyme's because the doctor's just always said they couldn't find anything concerning. And so I live with it but I wouldn't say I'm thriving with it.

I have a step tracker and can easily log around 20,000 steps without any specific period of exercise so I know I'm not sedentary. But I also know those steps don't mean my heart rate is accelerating like it needs to for cardiovascular health. And I 100% know I don't get enough water.

What I really want to do is something of a health intensive where I focus on detoxing and correcting my diet (cultural dietary changes are seriously rough on the system!) and learning to get adequate exercise and sufficient water in. But squeezing out the time to be so intentional is difficult without shifting some of my load onto someone else, which isn't fair. Because the truth is...

... we are ALL tired.

Today, as I sit here, my arms hurt, my legs are achy, and everything just feels sort of blahhh. I handed off some of my responsibilities this morning to Robbie. He's has plenty to do without doing mine, though, so here's what I'm thinking to do starting tomorrow (it's evening here as I type this):

  • No sugar (still a weakness for me)

  • 3 Liters of water

  • 5 minutes on the rebounder

  • Minimum of 30 minutes of walking (I get closer to 45 when I prayer walk so that should be easy)

  • 10-15 minutes of gentle stretch/strengthening exercises

  • Two meals (Breakfast and Lunch: I know the longer fast can really help detox and it gives organs a much needed rest)

I'll keep a journal of how I feel and changes I experience. Our days are full and I've used that as an excuse for far too long when what I really need is to allow God to teach my how to maximize the time He's given me. I know He hasn't given me anything that would destroy my health without providing a way for me to protect it from that fallout.

There's always room to do better when we're willing to allow God to lead.

And that brings me to the second truth, which is almost uglier, and I can see a direct link back to the first. Because my physical struggle is leading to a large, more widespread struggle: I'm having a hard time keeping perspective. So when something small hits, it seems much bigger than what it is. Right now we're having visa issues with our girls and our new volunteer. The country we're in is adjusting its laws and that can be hard to keep up with; it can also cause a lot of stress if you plant your eyes on the situation rather than on Jesus.

I already feel sort of crummy most of the time so my reserves are depleted and I'm not processing small trials (which are practice runs to prepare us for the big ones!) well which is impacting daily life and affecting others.

It's another reminder to me of how closely connected our physical wellness is to mental and spiritual wellness. It should frighten us to think of the domino effect negligently letting our health slide can cause.

Now that I've written all this out, my wheels are turning for ways we can involve everyone in a bid for better health habits. I just need to pray for balance because I could easily exhaust myself trying to make everyone else healthy after realizing I myself need to make changes.

Baby steps are still steps. I need to keep reminding myself of that.


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