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MISSION UPDATE: Dangers and Blessings

It's been a whirlwind. Everything in our sphere has been shifting and expanding and with all that comes the pangs of growing.

Tomorrow a truck will come to deliver 25 desks and chairs and 5 computers which will bring us to the task of setting up the schoolhouse from which we'll school the children this term. Accomplishing this with any measure of success is going to be a huge task but we're so thankful for the opportunity that we haven't had enough sense to be ovewhelmed by the thought.

And within the next two weeks, we'll have a few new children arriving which always brings a new dynamic and plenty of bumps and wrinkles. We've been inundated with requests to receive children and it's been a little stressful to our minds and hearts trying to discern the kids who need the help from the ones with families who just want to send them to learn English. We're pretty satisfied that we haven't turned away anyone with a true need and those we've accepted keep us within the confines of our legal parameters.

So along with preparing the schoolhouse, we're working to prepare the dormitory to receive new little bodies. We're trying to ramp up security measures, increasing organization and efficiency, and planning ways to offer them a well-rounded, physically challenging, mentally stimulating, safe space to learn and grow spiritually. I'm glad God is ahead of us because we're in over our heads.

Just last week, the printing operation arrived and got set up and running. Already hundreds of books have been printed from this little office and we're praying that the Spirit will guide each one into the hands of people prepared to receive the gospel message they contain. Our plan is to give all our children opportunity to participate in this literature ministry and those who've helped thus far have really enjoyed it. God is endlessly creative and always finds ways to multiply the blessing in the simplest things. Our initial goal in this was to bless others with the gospel message but instead God is blessing us. Seems so like Him. :)

On Wednesday the first rice paddy in the undeveloped portion of our property will begin to be backfilled. We'll have to do this in stages, over time, due to how expensive the dirt is, but it's exciting to have the process get started. The plan is to build additional housing out there but until God provides the funding for that, we'll let the children have a go at pressing down the dirt in an expanded area to play. I don't think we're going to get any complaints from the kids about that!

We just published a new video today about Finding Peace in Times of Danger and it's been fun to then sit down and write this update out and see all the ways God has been working even while satan has tried to distract us into fear. People breaking into our house while we sleep at night, or men, up to no good, following our girls home, or any other conceivable threat is no match for the peace God offers if we keep pressed into Him. We're taking extra precaution with these sudden threats to our physical security, but we also know God knows and sees all ... and He's not scared.

So we refuse to waste our time sitting scared, either.


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