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This is a continually increasing collection of stories from our own personal experiences here in Thailand, as well as some of those from friends and fellow missionaries.

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Rain, floods, and a dorm!

Posted 09/16/21
Our first dormitory is open and other happenings

September Tuesday

Posted 09/16/21
A day in the life, September 2021

the petulant mother

Posted 12/10/19
The frustration of parenting with a language and cultural barrier and the persistant evidence that God is in this thing.

unwelcome guests

Posted 11/14/19
The Spirit world is a real thing. An all too-close encounter in Thailand.

impossible situations

Posted 11/12/19
Often God allows, or even creates, impossible circumstances just to teach us it's Him who truly holds the power.

the strangers

Posted 11/03/19
WARNING: Don’t read on if you don’t believe that sometimes the Spirit might tell you to do something that you’d otherwise NEVER consider. Because this is that kind of story.

reluctant missionary

Posted 09/04/19
A week after arriving in Thailand, reality began to set in.

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